Ein Gedi Botanic Garden

Ein Gedi Botanic Garden
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Sunday, August 03, 2014

To Israel’s International ‘Do Gooder’ Fan Club

August 3, 2014 - I have been sitting here at my desk since late morning, watching the ‘Code Red’ alert pop up on my screen every time there’s a launch from Gaza.

They appear every few minutes.

U.S. Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick gets it. He joined with his House colleagues to send a letter to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on July 31, pointing out that this is the third campaign by Hamas in six years, “of terrorizing a civilian population by indiscriminately firing nearly two thousand rockets into Israeli airspace. As well, Hamas has built a network of underground tunnels from Gaza into Israel with the express intent of killing and capturing Israelis.”

A few years ago, it was estimated there were more than 600 of those tunnels honeycombing the earth under Gaza and its borders with Israel, Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula.

There are probably more, now. The Egyptians flooded and destroyed several hundred. Our soldiers detonated and destroyed a few dozen in the two weeks they have managed to discover and map out the ones they tracked down during Operation Protective Edge.  

By my calculation, that still leaves several hundred more, and they're still firing rockets and missiles at our civilians, attacks launched every five minutes or so.  That means that in the south, a significant portion of the population is cooped up in bomb shelters for a good part of the day, every day.

Could you live that way, with your family? How would you manage your job, or your farm if you had one? Could you work your fields like that? What about getting to your office? How about school for your children? What about getting your little ones to sleep through the night? Toilet training? Taking a shower? Intimate marital relations? A wedding night?

No one should be asked to live this way.  Israel certainly refuses to live this way any longer.

“United Nations shelters must be safe zones, not combat zones,” Ban said in one of his sanctimonious statements on Sunday after another UN school was used as a refuge for terrorists, by terrorists. But Israeli soldiers aimed as carefully as they could and returned fire to the source. The source – Hamas terrorists – then fled in a vehicle, right next to the gates to the entrance of an UNRWA school. They moved quicker than the missile of course, which struck just outside the gate – where civilians were standing around, including children, as the terrorists knew – and hoped – they would be.  It makes a great photo op!

“The Israel Defense Forces have been repeatedly informed of the location of these sites.” 

You bet, baby. By Hamas, with its mortar shelling and rocket fire.

“This attack, along with other breaches of international law, must be swiftly investigated and those responsible held accountable.”

Now wouldn’t THAT be nice?  If for once on this planet your self-righteous, pompous, bigoted world body actually did carry out a real investigation and hold those responsible for the violations of international law ?

“It is a moral outrage and a criminal act.”

Yep.  It sure is. A pity you can’t see that though.

The IDF has dropped hundreds of thousands of flyers over Gaza, begging the residents to get out of the way so we could neutralize the weapons with which we were being attacked. No one wanted to hurt them.  IDF personnel made phone calls to their homes – and to the hospitals that had to be evacuated too – and sent Arabic-language SMS text messages to all of their cell phones, letting them know where we would attack, and when. They were given plenty of notice to leave, and even directed as to where to go.

Which army in the entire world does that?

Neither of the nations of your birth – not you, Ban, nor you, Navi -- do that. That’s for damn sure. And neither does the U.S. Army. Nor does the UK. In fact, feel free to email me with the name of any other that does. I’d be pleased to know about it.

Have the people of Gaza taken the hint? Some have. 

But many have not, and instead they follow the orders of terrorist handlers and race up to rooftops like sheep, thinking we will run.

But not this time, because at last we decided it was time for their relatives to stop attacking our own innocent sleeping children. Time to hit back, and stop allowing terrorists to fire at innocent Israeli families, without firing back.

It is now 6:30 pm Sunday night, and Hamas is still firing medium range missiles at major population centers in Israel. The Code Red incoming rocket alert sirens have been blaring across the coastal city of Ashkelon, and throughout the port city of Ashdod. Literally hundreds of thousands of Israelis are racing for shelter again, and the night has barely begun. In fact, the sun hasn’t even set yet. 

Two missile were intercepted this evening over Ashdod by the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system and one exploded in the city. 

Were it not for a last-minute move by the U.S. Senate on Friday, and a signature by President Barack Obama, Israeli civilians might soon find the problem solved forever to the liking of Hamas, and perhaps the rest of the world – maybe including Ban and Pillay. Hamas has yet to exhaust its supply of missiles after all. Moreover, Iran is willing to supply more, and North Korea has just signed a contract to provide military supplies as well.

Has there been heard even one murmur of outrage from the United Nations against this incessant rain of rocket fire against Israeli civilians?

Silence.  Just silence.

Similar to the gap in the words where there should be a condemnation of ‘those responsible’ for the breach in Friday’s cease fire – the one the UN and the US forced on Israel and Hamas. The one violated by Hamas, and which resulted in the death of three young IDF officers, including two about to be married.

I'm sick to the teeth of all of it, diplomatic hypocrisy cloaked in worldly wisdom. 

Until the IDF has completed its mission in destroying the terror tunnels and silences the rocket fire, when peaceful days finally return to southern Israel, probably the less said by international ‘do gooders’ the better.

Those suffering from war crime issues, ‘moral outrage’ and ‘gross violation of international humanitarian law’ can shove them all.  Either apply your standards equally or not at all.

Spend a month in our shelters, and then let’s discuss it. And yes -- we do have shelters and the Gazans don't. Reason: we spent our money on defensive technology and shelters to protect our citizens. They spent their money on buying more weapons and building tunnels to attack our citizens.

And no, we're not going to apologize for that.

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