Ein Gedi Botanic Garden

Ein Gedi Botanic Garden
Seek the serenity of a Judean Desert sky in Autumn at the Ein Gedi Botanic Garden

Sunday, June 13, 2010

So They Tried to Muffle the Voices...

Yes, so they tried to muffle their voices, and they pulled the video off at least one of the areas of YouTube -- 'We Con the World' was too great a satire for the anti-Semites and the anti-Zionists to handle, a little too popular, and so they responded with the only ammunition they could find; they tried to stifle free speech.

It's an old jihadist game. Only the Islamist extremists get to talk.

But not this time, because at least in the 21st century, entertainment still rules, if nothing else, and there is nothing illegal about good old-fashioned critical satire in the news. 'We Con the World' chose a topic that was fair game, and attacked it in an entertaining way. The Flotilla Choir still reigns supreme on several different sites, among them YouTube, albeit not on the primary site where it once was found. But yes, you can still find it, also here on my own blog (just scroll down a bit, it's the next post down) and also on the WeJew website as well.

Too bad the jihadists weren't as creative. They're still hung up on violence, whacky monotone techno-trash disguised as quasi-nasheed and... um... oh yeah -- lawfare.  A former terrorist tells Israel National News, however, that the Jewish State must fight back, at all costs.

Wake up, everyone. We're not in Kansas anymore. 

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  1. The Cat Lady5:26 PM

    I saw it and shared the link with friends. Great piece of satire.